Men were reluctant to get assistance

Gender activist Mbuyiselo Botha said he believed abuse of males was rife.

“More often than not, you would hear that society says men cannot be raped or violated. It is assumed that the men are always ready for sex so when you are asking about how many of them report such cases, it is next to zero,” said Botha.

“They are placed under the carpet for many reasons, including stigma. Some men or boys think, how do I report being violated when society says men must man up and be strong?” he said.

Because of this, men were reluctant, even in their later stages of life, to get assistance.

“Some men would come to me and share how they have been abused but they tend to chicken out when I speak of counselling. The problem is also with the policemen and women who are not trained to receive such cases. There is just no support system among families and communities,” he said.

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