Mark Lyon loses appeal against sex and drug offences

Mark Lyon loses appeal against sex and drug offences

Lyon claimed Ryan had failed to provide a brief of evidence, but Ryan told the Court of Appel Lyon had been reluctant to provide one as he was confident the complainants would not appear to give evidence.

In a decision released on Wednesday the Court of Appeal sided with Ryan, finding Lyon an uncredible witness.

“The evidence he gave was at times implausible and, as we come to, on occasion inconsistent with contemporaneous documentation,” the judgment said.

“We find it implausible that counsel would stop Mr Lyon giving his explanation as Mr Ryan is alleged to have done.”

The Court also found Ryan had cross-examined each of the witnesses in a manner consistent with his instructions and if they were not, Lyon would have raised the matter during the trial.

During Lyon’s trial the court heard he forced girls as young as 14 to perform sexual acts on him in exchange for drugs.

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