Man will be assessed for preventive detention
A man will be assessed for preventive detention after being found guilty of repeated sexual abuse against his foreign female travelling companion during a 10-month New Zealand trip.

A jury returned guilty verdicts on all 17 charges against the 45-year-old man in the Christchurch District Court on Friday night.

The convictions include rape, sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, assaults and injuring.

Two assault charges had been dropped during the trial, and one charge was reduced from assault with intent to injure, to assaulting a woman.

Judge Gary MacAskill remanded the man in custody for sentencing on February 15.

He ordered that two health assessments be prepared on the risk the man could pose to the community in the future “to assess whether he is a candidate for preventive detention”.

He told defence counsel Serina Bailey he was getting the reports “because of the cumulative seriousness of the offending” but it was not an indication that he thought preventive detention was the appropriate sentence.

Preventive detention is an open-ended jail term in which an offender is not released until they have undergone sufficient treatment and rehabilitation, or is so elderly they no longer pose a threat.

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