Male Survivor Aotearoa Policies

Governance Policies

Trust Deed (PDF)
Governance Charter (PDF)
Delegations Framework (PDF)
Risk Management Policy (PDF)
Admissions Policy (PDF)
Membership Agreement (PDF)
MSA Privacy Policy (PDF)
MSA Complaints Policy (PDF)
MSA Employment Policy (PDF)
MSA Employment Framework (PDF)

Peer Support Policies


Peer Support Practice Guidlines & Organisational Quality Standards (PDF)


MSA Client Service Assessment 3.0 (PDF)
MSA Confidential Client Record 1A (PDF)
MSA Peer Support Training – Admission Criteria (PDF) (NEW)
Guide for reporting to the Royal Commission on Sexual Abuse (DOC) (NEW)

Operational Policies

Code of Ethics (PDF)
Code of Conduct (PDF)
Child Protection Policy (PDF)
Supervision Policy (PDF)
Confidentiality Policy (PDF)
Health and Safety Policy (PDF)
Working with Offenders (PDF)
Working with Māori (PDF)
Working with Pasifika (PDF)
Guiding Kaupapa (PDF)
Access & Equity Policy (PDF)
Recruitment Policy (PDF)
Services Continuity Planning (PDF)
Vehicle & Transportation Policy (PDF)


MSA Supervision Agreement (NEW)
MSA Employment Letter of Appointment – Sample (PDF)
MSA Employment Sample Role Definition – Peer Worker (PDF)

Practice Notes

Remote Support Guidance: Peer Support & Counselling Services (PDF)

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