Low fat foods stuffed with sugar


Many low fat foods promoted as healthy-eating options contain more sugar than their “full fat” equivalents – in some cases more than five times as much, an analysis by The Telegraph shows.
Scores of the most popular cereals, yoghurts, snacks and ready meals marketed at people wanting to eat a low fat diet contain levels of sugar which leading campaigners and scientists now warn are too high.

The disclosures come after the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that the daily allowance for a person’s intake of added sugar should be halved to six teaspoons to help avoid mounting health problems including obesity and tooth decay.

A study of 100 popular low or non-fat grocery items from major supermarkets found that dozens contained at least two teaspoons of total sugar in a single serving. One in four of the products contained more than three teaspoons of the ingredient.

While some of the sugar is naturally occurring, much is added – according to campaigners – simply to improve taste.

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