Leeks – the head psychiatrist at Lake Alice

“I think I would have had a normal life if it had not been to Lake Alice.”

‘Prove It’, Lake Alice Survivor Says, After Bombshell | Newsroom

Halo recalls meeting Leeks for the first time, a week after arriving at the child and adolescent unit. He’d been escorted upstairs and entered a room occupied by Leeks and three staff members. He didn’t know why he’d been called in. A small machine sat on a trolley beside the bed.

The 13-year-old was put on the bed and given a mouthguard. What looked like electric earphones, extending from the machine, with wet, white pads, were placed on his temples.

Is it going to hurt, Hake asked. Yes, it is, Leeks said. Please, I don’t want it, the youngster pleaded. “I am sorry, but it has to be done whether you like it or not,” Leeks replied.

The machine was activated and Hake was knocked out. The next time he wasn’t so lucky.

After that, the shocks were like “being hit by a sledge hammers on the head”, he said yesterday, exhaling deeply, his eyes downcast.

“Your body’s off the bed,” he said. “You’re straining to fling your arms but they’re holding you down.”

‘Prove It’, Lake Alice Survivor Says, After Bombshell | Newsroom

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