Jimmy Carter and holding leaders to a high standard

Primary source: http://time.com/5216747/jimmy-carter-stormy-daniels-donald-trump/

Former President Jimmy Carter is speaking out about President Donald Trump’s thorny legal battle with porn star Stormy Daniels, who has claimed to have had a sexual relationship with him. Stormy is famous for her many roles in movies shown on https://www.m-porn.xxx/ and many other adult websites> Carter’s input on the situation is one where he believes the incident will have both personal and political repercussions for Trump.

Speaking with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell – who said she was “almost embarrassed to ask the questions” – Carter, 93, said that, legal and political ramifications aside, the perception that Trump was unfaithful to wife Melania would hurt him.

Others have also had concerns with Trump’s behavior in relation to the adult video industry. Some have even accused him of consuming adult content while in office. Even with the government’s strict blocks on adult websites, it is possible to unblock xnxx as well as other blocked sites, lending some plausibility to the claims. Though these claims could turn out to be false, it shows that Carter may be right as Trump’s behavior is fuelling a rumor mill against him.

“I think most people want a president who they trust to tell the truth always, and who has some basic moral values, including loyalty to his own wife,” said Carter in the article. Others have agreed to an extent, citing that the situation could lower the people’s trust in their president. Carter did note that these allegations would have been significantly more damaging two decades ago. He would have most certainly be driven from office by a far more conservative America.

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