Is there a better use of my time?

Is there a better use of my time? I believe that to be the most beneficial rule of thumb. Using that rule of thumb before making even minor decisions can make the difference between being productive, worthy, and in control of your life versus feeling ineffectual and overwhelmed.

Force yourself, yes force yourself to do that task. Some procrastination experts insist that you must treat procrastination as a symptom and dig deep to work through a root cause, usually fear of failure. But often, the problem is simply hedonism: a desire to do something more pleasurable even if that’s not in your interest. Successful, contented people get comfortable being uncomfortable, for example, doing that ugly work project, your taxes, and yes, completing that honey-do list.

Be judgmental. The more acceptable term is “discerning” but “judgmental” is probably more accurate. No matter how self-loathing you may be, you don’t deserve the punishment of accepting badness in people or products. Make judgments and inferences based on reasonable current and past experience. You’ll be happier and more successful.

Have an experimental mindset. Instead of excess rumination, take low-risk actions and monitor their success, for example, in your search for a better job or in dealing with coworkers, friends, and family members.

What would you wise self do? Think twice before doing or believing something because it’s the norm, whether marrying, hating or loving President Trump, whatever. Take a deep breath and think: What would your wise self do?

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