Is Googling your therapist ok ?

Therapists tend to keep their personal information personal for these reasons, and most of the time that works just fine. But sometimes clients find this awkward and uncomfortable, and the Internet provides a quick and simple way to find out more about them. Depending on the therapist, there could be minimal material to find, or quite a lot.

Of course there is the website (link is external) and professional Facebook (link is external) and Twitter (link is external) pages, which you’re supposed to find. But what if you also find out about a British comedy career (link is external), dabbles in Canadian music festivals (link is external), a Northeastern rock climbing program (link is external), and troubling legal issues (link is external) Down Under?

Is there a problem with this? Could this damage the therapy or limit the amount of help the client receives? Is an Internet search a boundary violation? As it is with many therapy related topics, the answer is may be unsatisfying: It depends.

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