International Men’s Day 2019

Kia Ora,

International Men’s Day is on November 19th and is a great opportunity to do some good for the men in New Zealand. Each year around that time we promote positive messages about men and we hope you’ll join us. We want a society where men know they are appreciated, where they are encouraged to thrive, and where they have and feel the support of their communities.

We invite you to be involved. Doing anything at all lets people know you care about men and contributes to creating a positive, encouraging atmosphere for men. It can be as simple as just letting people know it is International Men’s Day, posting on social media or putting up a poster.

In our inaugural year, 2018, we ran these events:

• We asked people to share a story about a man they knew who they admired and share it on our facebook page with the chance to win a gift card prize.
• Offline, we asked people to write about a man they admired on a card. We received over 200 cards with some really touching stories. It was an incredibly positive experience.. People really do regard the men in their lives highly and we made it easy for them to express this.
• We had a biker run which raised over $400 for Male Survivors (of Sexual Abuse) Aotearoa.
• We also had a casual get together for a drink and a chat.

Some others put on events in Hawkes Bay, Paraparaumu and Invercargill and Linwood, Christchurch library had a men’s day display.

This year we are using the theme ‘Value the men around you’

Men’s Day is about men, but it is for everybody. There are no requirements for being involved. You can just go ahead and do your thing. We would prefer if you kept us in the loop and let us know what you are doing. Knowing you are involved would really be encouraging for us and will let many more men know that people like you care.

Send us a message at if you have any questions, would like to read our guidelines for events, or would like electronic copies of posters, social media graphics, or the cards mentioned above.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you,


Iain Fergusson

International Men’s Day New Zealand Aotearoa

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