International Association for Suicide Prevention

Welcome to the official Web site of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). The IASP was established in 1960 and is the largest international organization dedicated to suicide prevention and to the alleviation of the effects of suicide. It has members in more than 50 countries and is working in official relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

On our website you can find IASP newsletters and other publications, information about our Task Forces, Special Interest Groups, and Congresses, all dedicated to suicide prevention locally and throughout the world.

Through browsing our Web directory, you will discover selected suicide prevention resources, covering a range of topics for groups at risk, guides for survivors of suicide, crisis centers located across the globe, and more.

We invite you to explore our World Suicide Prevention Day page where you can download the official brochure, banners and find other resources. We also invite you to become a member to receive our internationally respected journal, Crisis, which offers the latest findings from both basic research and practical experience in the fields of suicide prevention and crisis intervention.

Suicide and non-fatal suicidal behaviour are major public health problems across the world. Data from the WHO indicate that approximately one million people worldwide die by suicide each year. This corresponds to one death by suicide every 40 seconds. The number of lives lost each year through suicide exceeds the number of deaths due to homicide and war combined. Suicide attempts and suicidal ideation are far more common; for example, the number of suicide attempts is up to 20 times the number of deaths by suicide.

But, suicide is preventable. We ask that if you are despairing that you contact a crisis center. Many people have found that talking helps to alleviate painful suicidal thoughts and feelings.

We ask you to continue helping us making a difference in the lives of those at risk of suicide.

Feel free to visit our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter. Please do not hesitate to contact me to learn more about how you or your organization can participate in IASP.

Thank you for visiting.

Professor Ella Arensman
President of IASP

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