I Hope They Don’t Regret It

Despite Cervantes‘ qualms about accepting money in exchange for her companionship, she has no plans to deactivate her account anytime soon.

She said she doesn’t have parents who can help her pay for school, so she relies on the kindness of wealthy men out of desperation.

Without the extra income, Cervantes said she’d be back at the homeless shelter she lived in for three months in 2009.

“In my heart of hearts I don’t really like the situation,” Cervantes said. “Right now it’s a survival mechanism.”

Sugardaddie.com’s Pasternack said the relationship between a sugar baby and sugar daddy is all about perspective.”I helped my wife get through school, I pay for the bills, take her on trips, buy her nice gifts,” he said. “I guess you could say a lot of married guys are sugar daddies without them realizing it. I think you can say basically any guy who wants to impress a woman is a sugar daddy.”

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