Huffington Post – Help Your Children Handle Stress And Anxiety


It’s hard for anyone to deal with stress and anxiety, but it’s especially hard for children.

Michele Kambolis, a clinical therapist and author, joined HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss effective methods to help children deal with their stress and anxiety.

“The first line of attack normally is medication, but yet we have this alternative, very potent method that’s effective in 80 percent of cases,” says Kambolis, referring to cognitive behavioral therapy.

Though medication may be necessary in some cases, the most effective form of treatment to help children is to provide them with the tools to manage stressful and anxious situations.“Changing the body’s response on a moment-to-moment basis, tuning in to your child and picking up on their body’s symptoms and then giving them these really potent tools in order to change it,” Kambolis says, “that’s where we get long-term change.”

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