Guidelines for a Male Survivor of Sexual Abuse Service – F19

What are these Guidelines for?

These Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Service Guidelines (“Guidelines”) are for the Providers that the Ministry of Social Development (“the Ministry”) contracts with to provide services to male survivors of sexual abuse (“MSSA Services”).

Outcome Agreements with providers for these services require that they are delivered in accordance with these Guidelines. The Guidelines form part of the Outcome Agreement.

What is the purpose of these Guidelines?

These Guidelines provide:

a set of practice principles to guide the delivery of peer-to-peer support services for male survivors of sexual abuse

a resource tool to help providers deliver services consistently

a resource tool to assist providers in meeting the desired service outcomes

a way for the Ministry to improve its responsiveness to feedback regarding changes to the Service Delivery component of the Outcome Agreement.

How should these Guidelines be used?

The Guidelines set the minimum standard for Service Delivery, from which each provider can develop a service that reflects their philosophical base, incorporating local need and the culture within which they work.

Will these Guidelines be revised?

This is a living document and will be updated over time to take into account provider feedback.

Ministry staff will keep providers informed of any editions, updates or changes. Feedback on the Guidelines is welcome at any time and can be sent to the Ministry national office using the attached Feedback Form (See Appendix 3).

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