Gay Republicans don’t trust Trump

Citing the Russian proverb that Ronald Reagan used to sum up his feelings on negotiating with the Soviets — “Trust but verify” — the group said in a written statement that it was not yet prepared to fully support Mr. Trump’s candidacy.

“Should Mr. Trump become our nation’s next president, Log Cabin Republicans welcomes the opportunity to work with his administration,” the statement said. “Until and unless that happens, our trust would be misplaced.”

Instead, Log Cabin Republicans said the organization planned to spend the remaining weeks before the election working to ensure that its party maintains its majorities in the House and Senate.

Mr. Trump’s record on gay rights is muddled. And Log Cabin Republicans indicated that its members were torn between the favorable words Mr. Trump has spoken about gays, lesbians and transgender people and the anti-gay-rights policies he has embraced.

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