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What about religion? Is being devoted to God and going to services regularly something that can turn into a process addiction? It is possible to become so dedicated to worship that it overtakes everything else. Like any other behavioral addiction, this obsession is related to emotions and to the brain and shares signs and symptoms with substance addictions. And, like other addictions, it can be treated with dedication to quality therapy

A process addiction is one that involves an activity or a behavior, rather than a chemical substance like alcohol or heroin. Experts in the field of psychiatry have already officially recognized problem gambling as an addictive disorder. The recognition is based on the scientific evidence, provided by researchers, that compulsive gambling shares many characteristics with substance addictions.

Although no other behaviors have been officially included in the addiction category, there is evidence that just about any activity can become an obsession. From there it is a short road to something very similar to addiction. As with chemical addictions, process addictions can lead to destroyed relationships and finances, feelings of withdrawal, and even changes to chemical pathways in the brain related to rewards and the experience of pleasure.

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