From “Male Survivor” What you can do to help protect children from abuse

1. Keep an eye out for drastic behavioral changes, either extreme acting out or withdrawal that is out of character.

2. One very important thing a parent or caregiver can do is to keep repeating to their children that they can always come forward with any questions, fears, and worries, and that they will not be turned away, blamed, or punished for doing so.

3. I would encourage anyone in a position of authority to take very seriously their duty to protect children. It’s common for people to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to vulnerable children. Oftentimes it’s easier to pretend that we didn’t hear or didn’t see what we thought at first.

4. Predators seek out children who have already had their ability to trust other people damaged. These children become easy targets. One of the best things you can do to help children is to be someone who shows by their own behavior that adults can be trusted not to take advantage of children and prey on their weaknesses.

5. Teach your children about safe touching. Let them know that anytime they feel uncomfortable with the way someone is touching them, it is important that they stay away from that person and that they ask for help from an adult whom they can trust

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