Freelancing makes you sick & a little crazy

Research shows that social interactions taking place in one’s early 20s has significant effects on the maturation of connections in the frontal lobes as pertaining to neuro-psychological disorders. If that sounds confusing, the TL;DR is that your brain is still developing at this age, and a lack of social stimulation can have negative affects that increase sensitivity to mental illness.

When social isolation triggers loneliness, the brain releases stress hormones. In short, it’s our nature to worry and feel vulnerable when we’re alone. The stress hormone cortisol can have weakening affects on the immune system. So yes, being a hermit can actually make you sick.

Studies show that people who spend time alone are less likely to treat themselves with nutrient-rich foods. It’s believed that people who eat with friends or lovers are more likely to choose healthy foods and put effort into eating healthy. Fatty and sugary foods are preferred by those who suffer from isolation and those types of foods have negative affects on the body’s digestion.

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