France might ban stores from throwing away unsold clothing

France has been very progressive in terms of eliminating product waste. Two years ago, they were the first country to pass a law that prevented grocery stores and supermarkets from throwing away food that neared expiration. Now they’re having a same approach to the textile industry that prohibits throwing away unsold clothes.

Back in 2016, France had a problem with an increase in homeless people rummaging through store dumpsters. This led to attempts by store owners to keep them out by adding locks around their garbage. Instead of throwing these items out, the country passed a law requiring these stores to donate them to charity.

A similar approach could be given to clothing waste by next year. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has a goal to create a circular economy in France, and out of the numerous proposals, one of them is to prohibit throwing away any apparel that isn’t sold. Emmaus, a charity founded in Paris that focuses on poverty, have been advocating for an expansion of the food waste law into the clothing industry.

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