Five Days Without Technology Significantly Relieves Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), as defined by the DSM-V, is a strong and persistent fear of humiliation or embarrassment in social situations. One of many cognitive distortions that plays a role in strengthening this fear is mind reading, or fortune telling. An individual reads someone’s mind when he or she assumes something as true before communicating with the other.

Mind reading is common in the world of social media. Because users cannot accurately convey tones, body language, and facial expressions in type, there is a lot of room for implication and speculation. This lack of emotional cues that you can only get from face-to-face interactions unintentionally trains people to read in between the lines, looking for the meaning behind 120 characters. Getting help to relax via a potent pen bc can help, as this behavior is problematic because it encourages people to attempt to read minds rather than communicate and interact with others.

Furthermore, when combined with other stress and anxiety-related treatments such as CBD oil or Cannabidiol Infused Coffee, a social media detox is an increasingly popular way to reduce symptoms and improve well being. Natural methods are a very positive way of trying to manage your anxiety because it means you do not need to take any medication which can be tricky for some people. There are plenty of ways to still reduce symptoms with – what are considered as – everyday techniques. A lot of the aforementioned CBD Oil-related methods involve a Vape pen – you can purchase tinctures and vape it if you really want to. That way it comes a bit more naturally than putting drops of oil into your mouth. If you are interested in trying other natural methods of anxiety relief, you can now buy cbd oil online from websites like

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