First Procedural hearing of the Abuse in Care Inquiry is on Monday, 19 August at 10am at Rydges Hotel

The first Procedural hearing of the Abuse in Care Inquiry is on Monday, 19 August at 10am at Rydges Hotel, Federal Street in Auckland.

A procedural hearing is a meeting to help the Inquiry prepare for a public hearing, to make sure it runs as well as possible. We will have one before every public hearing.

In a procedural hearing Commissioners will talk about what will be covered and what evidence will be heard at the upcoming public hearing. No witnesses will be called or evidence heard.

This first Procedural hearing is to prepare for the public hearing beginning on 29 October. All five Commissioners will be there and anyone can attend. Wellbeing support will be available at the procedural hearing and there will be NZSL interpreters.

The hearing will be livestreamed on our website and a recording will also be available to watch later.

The first core participants will be announced during the hearing. Core participants are people or organisations that have been significantly involved in abuse in care or may be criticised during the Inquiry.

It is a formal role that will mainly apply to a person or organisation for a specific public hearing because of the subject matter of that hearing. A core participant can apply to the Commissioners to ask questions of witnesses during a public hearing and can make opening and closing statements.

Any group or individual can apply to the Royal Commission to be a core participant at any time during the Inquiry. However you do not need to be a core participant to take part in a hearing.

Public hearings are just one way of engaging with the Inquiry. You can also request a private session or be part of roundtable meetings and Marae hui that will be set up later in the Inquiry. More information about the Inquiry is available on our website or by emailing us at or calling 0800 222 727.

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