Evaluation of sexual violence pilot court


The District Court has released the evaluation report for the sexual violence court pilot in Auckland and Whangārei.
The findings from the evaluation confirm a number of successful outcomes, including shorter wait times for cases to go to trial and reduced trauma to complainants (victims/survivors).
Key findings from the evaluation are outlined in a media release by Acting Chief District Court Judge John Walker:

  • “Pilot cases progress more efficiently, faster and with fewer delays overall;

  • Stakeholders perceive that trial quality has improved, with fewer adjournments and better quality evidence;

  • Complainants are generally better prepared for attending trial, reducing anxiety;

  • Judges are more alert to unacceptable questioning and intervene more frequently;

  • Judges are more actively involved with cases from an earlier stage, and case review hearings are considerably more thorough and comprehensive;

  • Giving defendants firm trial dates earlier is resulting in more and earlier guilty pleas;

  • Dedicated case managers are critical to success; and

  • There is unanimous support among stakeholders to roll the pilot model out nationally.”

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