Emotional demands behind desire to over consume


We need to eat. Eating is a survival requirement. It’s how we eat, and why we eat the way we do, that needs to be reviewed. I don’t believe eating is the problem. It’s the emotional demands behind the munchies that cause us to over consume.

Other than our hunger signal, if other emotional drivers are at play, the undesired eating habits will resurface time and time again unless they are addressed and resolved. And that is often a scary part of the process because it demands a great deal of honesty with oneself.

Even deeper, she had this fear of not being able to love her baby because she struggled with loving herself. She felt she was fighting a constant battle to be perfect enough to be a parent. Perfect enough to be loved.

She was punishing herself with the constant physical abuse of emotional eating. She was unconsciously, sabotaging her efforts to get pregnant because she felt she was not good enough.
We often over eat to comfort ourselves. It’s the kiss on the cut to make it feel better. It’s swallowing down the emotions, dare they try to surface. It’s holding back the feeling we are too afraid to feel.

We contain the fear of disappointment, failure, anger, frustration, sadness and hide these emotions with some sort of comfort activity. Often, that activity will be mouth related as our first experiences of comfort were oral, we fed from our mothers – ultimate comfort.

When we shifted the focus of her love and brought it back home to herself, she stopped losing – losing her love and her attention, losing the embarrassment and guilt, the disappointment and sadness she felt.

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