Elder abuse – the insidious reality

Elder abuse – the insidious reality

Therefore it’s the psychological abuse against our elderly that can have the longest-lasting effect, and it’s the most common form elder abuse takes in Whanganui, Age Concern social worker Sue Evans says. When you send an elderly relative to a residential home, you expect them to be looked after. But when you find out that it is the complete opposite, it can be really stressful to think of them in that situation. It is important if sending an elderly relative to a residential home to research the home and take a look at what it looks like. Most good companies will have pictures online of the sort of homes your relative will be living in, for example Https://www.careagapeseniorhomes.com/location/placentia-4931/, which gives you a feel for the residential home. With this being said, if you suspect any form of abuse that your relative is suffering, getting legal advice from professional lawyers such as Jerome Lindsay Salmi, LLC could be a step worth taking in the hopes of finding out the best route to take next.

“Psychological abuse is the most damaging type, and a person may be a vulnerable adult, unable to move away from the address or make arrangements to live somewhere else.”

In the Whanganui region, for the six months following July 2015, 48.5 per cent – 16 cases – of settled elder abuse cases were psychological. Neglect made up 9.1 per cent, or three cases.

Ms Evans said examples she knew of included family members caring for the elderly person and calling them a “silly old cow” or making comments such as “look how I’ve given up my whole life for you,” or “can’t you even make a cup of tea yourself?”

“And if that’s your world, it’s very difficult,” Ms Evans said. “How do you reach out? How do you do something about that situation?”

People who suspect elder neglect is going on are advised to notify the police. People may also see it appropriate to enlist the services of someone like an elder neglect attorney to fight for the rights of the elderly. It might be possible to take legal action against those responsible for injury resulting from physical restraint. (siegel-law-elder-abuse-neglect-attorney-physical-restraints).

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