Do aromatherapy essential oils really pack healing power ?

Do aromatherapy essential oils really pack healing power, or do they just smell nice? In fact, they do both and they’re widely available from lots of suppliers like Rouh Essentials. Essential oils can be used within a diffuser to make any room smell fragrant and they can also be used to treat any skin or health issues you may have. There are so many benefits to using these types of oils. If you want to try these out for yourself, click here.

I tried looking into the benefits of aromatherapy to see if there was some truth to the matter and found some useful articles along the way. Many articles (such as this one had good information on what to look for when buying a diffuser or essential oils. It didn’t take long before I found some evidence, published by reputable sources, that certain aromatherapy essential oils appear to have legitimate healing effects on the nervous system. It seems as though more and more people are using aromatherapy diffusers from producers such as New Green Air every single day for this very reason.

The American College of Health Sciences published this post, for example. One study concluded that an infusion of bergamot, frankincense and lavender may have healing effects on depression and pain.

What about anxiety? Another study showed that a mere ten minute exposure to aromatherapy essential oils on a weekly basis produced a statistically significant reduction in heart rate and blood pressure. Researchers reported that the oils appeared to drive autonomic nervous system activity toward a more balanced state.

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