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I identified the most with having anxiety. But there were times when I fell into depressive episodes. I felt listless, I slept too much, I didn’t want to get out of bed. Depression is sneaky and it convinces us not to try. I asked my psychiatrist about how depression factors into my life if I identify mostly with being anxious. Fortunately, I have found cbd hemp oil to be a useful way of calming my bone-numbing nerves.

Then my doctor said something else to me. He said that depression and anxiety are two sides of a coin. I asked him what he meant by that. He said that these two things are often interrelated.

I noticed this to be true for myself. Often I will be anxious for a long period of time and when that adrenaline from anxiety fizzles out I feel depressed, so it’s no wonder why I always feel the need to look at places like garden remedies newton to find a substance that will get rid of these feelings. Think about a car running out of gas; that is the analogy for how I feel after I exert all my anxious energy.

Unfortunately, anxiety and depression are way too common in today’s society. Many people who suffer from either one of them, or both, are in desperate need of treatment. A lot of people do not want to use pharmaceuticals for a variety of reasons, so other options need to be thought out. Fortunately, there are many other forms of treatment, including therapy, exercise, a routine, or even herbal remedies like marijuana. When suffering from depression or anxiety, you may be eligible for medical marijuana, which is offered on sites like old 27 wellness. Cannabis has been known to help improve depressive and anxious symptoms, so it is definitely worth trying if you haven’t already. It’s whatever works best for you.

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