Dementia symptoms: Prevent signs of the condition by taking up dance

Speaking to the, the organisation’s Medical Director recommended ballroom, tap, ballet, latin and jazz as good dances to prevent dementia.

“Select a class that you are going to enjoy and that is within your physical capabilities,” she said.

“All dance that involves remembering steps and raising the heart rate is recommended.”

The activity was also recommended for people that had dementia, especially for those in the early stages of the condition.

“Whilst dancing is a great activity to help safeguard against cognitive decline, it can also be beneficial for people living with a diagnosis of dementia, particularly in the early stages,” said Dr Emer MacSweeney, Medical Director at Re:Cognition Health.

A study published this week found that exercise may not improve dementia symptoms for mild to heavy sufferers of the condition.

“There’s no certain way to prevent all types of dementia,” says the NHS on its website.

“However, there’s good evidence that a healthy lifestyle can help reduce your risk of developing dementia when you’re older.”

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