Better Blokes has adopted the Male Survivors Aotearoa Confidentilaity Policy.

The purpose of the Policy is to ensure that any personal information relating to peer-workers and the male survivors they support or MSA trustees or advisors, which is private and not public knowledge or information that an individual has not consented to and/or would not expect to be shared (‘Confidential Information’), is adequately secured, protected and only used in the best interests of the information owner –the peer worker, male survivor, trustee or advisor who is the subject of the information or to whom the information refers.

Confidential information about peer-workers and the male survivors they support, trustees and advisors should always be:

−Obtained fairly and with informed consent as appropriate;
−Acquired only for the purposes of providing MSA or MMO services, including meeting any legal or statutory obligations relating to those services;
−Maintained as accurate and up-to-date;
−Used only for the purpose for which it was acquired and in accordance with this Policy and the law;
−Retained only as necessary to meet MSA or MMO service, legal or statutory requirements;
−Available to the information owner being the person (peer-worker, male survivor, trustee or advisor) who is the subject of the information or to whom the information refers;
−Not disclosed to third parties without consent other than when disclosure is required by the law and then only on a need-to-know basis and ‘in confidence’; and
−Protected against loss, improper or unlawful disclosure when it is received, stored, transmitted or disposed of.