Foundation North

Foundation North has offered Better Blokes support for a number of years and we are very appreciative of their help.

Foundation North holds in trust for the Auckland and Northland communities an endowment, or putea, of over a billion dollars. This comes from the sale of the community’s shares in what was previously the Auckland Savings Bank. That endowment allows us to make millions of dollars in grants each year to not-for-profit groups in Auckland and Northland.

We are becoming a more strategic grant maker. What this means is that we are committed to ensuring that, while continuing our traditional community support funding, our focus will increasingly be on working in partnership with grantees and other funders to achieve projects of greater scale and impact for the communities of Auckland and Northland.

With our funding we are aiming to create significant positive change through supporting innovative projects and practices. To help organisations succeed we will prioritise additional support to assist selected organisations to develop their capacity.

People funding area aims to support community organisations working to:

  • facilitate improved outcomes for high need communities in our region
  • support strengths-based programmes that focus on positive outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Grants will be considered for costs relating to:

  • operating costs
  • programme / project costs
  • resources, equipment

Please refer to the funding exclusions for People

Funding priorities

  • Children from birth to 12 years.
  • Young people aged 12-24. Our aim is to improve outcomes for young people through focusing on youth development, health promotion and prevention. Families. Strong families/whanau are the bedrock of society and provide the foundation for healthy child and adolescent development. It is essential that programmes that target children and young people include their families and whanau.
  • High need communities. These are those in which people experience multiple disadvantages and/or live in areas of high deprivation. It relates to how communities are affected by a range of social and health determinants, such as rates of employment, connectedness, access to healthcare and social support, education and housing.

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