South Korea is reeling from yet another sex scandal that victimizes young women into performing torture porn. With over 2.3 million netizens, including celebrities, calling for the revelation of the identities and perpetrators and the most severe punishment imposed on the guilty parties, here’s everything we know so far aboutContinue Reading The Boy Scouts of America urged victims to come forward Tuesday as the historic, 110-year-old organization filed for bankruptcy protection in the first step toward creating a huge compensation fund for potentially thousands of men who were molested as youngsters decades ago by scoutmasters or other leaders. The ScoutsContinue Reading

More on the Gym Jordan cover up saga at OSU … — Richard W. Painter (@RWPUSA) February 14, 2020 In all these cases, the hierarchical structure of the church made it difficult to bring high-ranking figures to justice. When you give superiors nearly absolute obedience, the threshold for actingContinue Reading