The best protection against coronavirus is washing your hands — but you have to do it properly: 🚿 Wet your hands 🚿 Lather, making sure to get soap in all the nooks and crannies 🚿 Scrub for *20 seconds* 🚿 Rinse and *dry thoroughly* — CNN (@CNN) March 2, 2020

Night owls: Don’t lose sleep, rest easy — World Economic Forum (@wef) September 19, 2019 The study – Resetting the late timing of ‘night owls’ has a positive impact on mental health and performance – describes night owls as “people whose internal body clock dictates later-than-usual sleep andContinue Reading Bereavement can have a devastating impact on the immune systems of older people and may explain why many elderly spouses die soon after the loss of their loved ones, scientists have said. A study has found that a key component of the immune defences that protect the body againstContinue Reading Research has repeatedly shown that race is not a scientifically valid concept. Across the world, humans share 99.9% of their DNA. The characteristics that have come to define our popular understanding of race — hair texture, skin colour, facial features — represent only a few of the thousands ofContinue Reading “Light is a stimulant,” says Alcibiades Rodriguez, the medical director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center-Sleep Center at New York University. When blue-sensitive receptors in our eyes are first exposed to light in the morning, that sends a signal to the pineal gland of our brain that shuts off theContinue Reading The figure, which comes from a 2003 paper published in the prestigious journal Science, shows that the risk of depression among people who have experienced stressful life events becomes much greater if they also possess a certain version of a certain gene. This landmark study, in the midst ofContinue Reading

MobiHealthNews: Apple Watch app for nightmare disorder receives FDA breakthrough designation, opens enrollment for two RCTs. NightWare’s product is an app for the Apple Watch that uses the device’s biometric sensors to monitor the sleeping wearer’s heart rate and movement, Karlin explained. Within just a night or two of sleep,Continue Reading