Raise your hand if you're a smart person who made smart decisions and have still been harassed or assaulted. https://t.co/A18ntfF8XX — Jennifer Wright (@JenAshleyWright) February 7, 2020

http://bit.ly/2YBDq4V Regulators in London cited uncertainty about Uber’s ability to ensure the well-being of its passengers as a reason they revoked the company’s license to operate there last week. Uber will be able to continue operating in the U.K. capital as it appeals the decision. Dara Khosrowshahi, the chief executiveContinue Reading

http://bit.ly/34pyphB During his time in jail, in which he said he was a “privileged man” and his cell was a “penthouse”, Cosby participated in a reform programme called Mann Up. In the interview he clarified that we wasn’t part of the association, but he was a regular speaker. “I neverContinue Reading

http://bit.ly/2pEdNTF Given who they come from, those comments are pretty hard to ignore. And the police did reconsider: in February this year, Rewa stood trial for a third time for the killing of Burdett. Twenty-three years after she gave evidence against her rapist, McHardy went to the High Court atContinue Reading