I’m not interested in parsing what the word “pedophilia” means, and whether Yiannopoulos was advocating it or not. I am interested in discussing child sexual abuse, which his remarks clearly described, and I am interested in talking about consent, which children cannot legally or meaningfully give to adults forContinue Reading

Projective Identification: How a Narcissist Projects Their Identity on Others — PsychCentral (@PsychCentral) January 22, 2017 But something seemed a bit off about her as she was too put together and completely lacked the usual anxious reaction that corresponds with living with a narcissist. Her appearance was immaculate, her mannerismContinue Reading To be science, there must be a theoretical foundation. What does psychology lack? A theoretical foundation. In fact, the only true theoretical foundation of psychology is widely derided by psychologists and psychiatrists alike, yet much of the world can only name one person in the field – and thatContinue Reading

Find yourself checking social media multiple times a day? It may be hurting your mental health: — Cleveland Clinic (@ClevelandClinic) January 16, 2017 1. Social media use can cause feelings of diminished self-worth On social media, people tend to show off only the best parts or moments ofContinue Reading