There is no them and us when it comes to mental health problems. Every one of us has either suffered from some form of depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviour or other disturbing, debilitating disorder, or else we have a close friend or family member who has. “One in six ofContinue Reading So, to use the swimming metaphor, some people need an approach that helps them face and work with the fact that, at least in part, they don’t want to learn to swim. They may be frightened of moving forward or do not want to do the hard work itContinue Reading I identified the most with having anxiety. But there were times when I fell into depressive episodes. I felt listless, I slept too much, I didn’t want to get out of bed. Depression is sneaky and it convinces us not to try. I asked my psychiatrist about how depressionContinue Reading According to Ricco and Sierra, avoidantly-attached individuals should be less able to handle conflict for several reasons. First of all, they have a distrustful view of others, figuring that they’re not really all that loyal or caring. Secondly, they’re not as good at gauging how other people feel. Finally,Continue Reading Some sceptics will never be convinced – and the scientists say they may be best ignored. “There are the extreme views where nothing you say makes any difference, and they’ll just make up reasons to believe what they want to believe. That’s what we find. And it’s just pointlessContinue Reading Obsessive-compulsive disorder When most people think of obsessive-compulsive disorder, they think of someone who’s a total neat-freak or perfectionist. In reality, OCD is much more than a quirky tic, habit, or desire to be perfect. “Symptoms of OCD can range from what we’ve seen on television — like obsessiveContinue Reading “The results have a number of implications for American politics,” Castle said. “First, they suggest that there is still a strong bias against secular candidates. In particular, we saw that Republicans had sharply negative reactions to the secular Republican candidate — in this treatment, the effect of party identificationContinue Reading