Psychedelic Therapy Has a Sexual Abuse Problem — Better Blokes (@BetterBlokesNZ) March 9, 2020 From Quartz: “Over the past five years, scientific interest in psychedelics has boomed, with clinical trials on MDMA leading the way. Now the drug is on the cusp of becoming legal medicine… Alongside the potentialContinue Reading

6 Ways Trauma Might Inform Your Current Life — Better Blokes (@BetterBlokesNZ) March 9, 2020 We all know that trauma tends to repeat itself across generations. Perhaps there’s some epigenetic piece to this, but there is no doubt as to the role of direct trauma and stress as well.Continue Reading

Instead of wondering if you made the right decision, spend your time focusing on making your decision right. The decision has already been made. Now move forward and make the most of the situation. #mentaltoughness #FCP — Dr. Nicole Detling, CMPC (@HeadStrongDoc) February 18, 2020

When we teach survivors how they can reinterpret and rewrite their experiences, we promote the hope that they do not need to be trapped in victim narratives. We help them reposition themselves and empower them. Suicide educators also work with the people who support the suicidal and bereaved. We educateContinue Reading Manipulative people either lack insight into how they engage others and create certain scenarios, or they truly believe that their way of handling a situation is the only way because it means that their needs are being met, and that’s all that matters. Ultimately, all situations and relationships are about them, andContinue Reading