When we teach survivors how they can reinterpret and rewrite their experiences, we promote the hope that they do not need to be trapped in victim narratives. We help them reposition themselves and empower them. Suicide educators also work with the people who support the suicidal and bereaved. We educateContinue Reading

http://bit.ly/2v77BGp Manipulative people either lack insight into how they engage others and create certain scenarios, or they truly believe that their way of handling a situation is the only way because it means that their needs are being met, and that’s all that matters. Ultimately, all situations and relationships are about them, andContinue Reading

http://bit.ly/2ubWviW 1. Establish healthy boundaries 2. Take responsibility for your emotions 3. Let other people be responsible for their emotions 4. Acknowledge your choices 5. Live according to your values 6. Forgive, and move forward 7. Stop trying to prove people wrong 8. Don’t let your self-worth depend on otherContinue Reading

http://bit.ly/36Du63i Punctual people may believe that late people are passive-aggressive and that their time is more valuable than those who wait for them. But reasons for lateness are generally more complex. The reason may be the opposite of arrogance. It could be that they don’t value themselves enough. If thisContinue Reading

http://bit.ly/2EDcKaB Over the last 25 years, psychologists have found that personalities coalesce around five basic traits, dubbed the Big Five. Everyone can be described as having varying levels of agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, extroversion and openness to experience. Contrary to common perception, people aren’t confined to certain personality types. Usually, noContinue Reading

https://t.co/r63XmNWCEw #dissociation #depersonalization & #derealization – understanding #unreality and #feelingunreal #dpdr — Trauma Dissociation (@TraumaDID) December 7, 2019 Many people with this disorder have a history of childhood trauma; particularly emotional abuse and emotional neglect. Other known factors include witnessing domestic violence, by raised by a parent with serious mentalContinue Reading

http://bit.ly/34coxa1 For the introvert, Christmas is definitely not the most wonderful time of the year; withdrawn and reflective sorts often fear the festive season, with the office party ranking most stressful of all. “Many people think that introverts are shy, but introversion is really not related to shyness at all,”Continue Reading