Oregon is one of roughly 28 states that include clergy members as mandatory reporters of suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect. “While clergy-penitent privilege is frequently recognized within reporting laws, it is typically interpreted narrowly in the context of child abuse or neglect,” the Children’s Bureau explains. “TheContinue Reading Basically, everyone knows what society expects of them. When you respond quickly, you default to doing what other people expect of you. When you have time to think, then you can choose to respond in a way that fits with who you are. The reason this pattern is interestingContinue Reading “Monday was the first time I had ever seen a complainant state that they had taken a complaint of serious sexual assault to the Labour Party as part of that process.” She was referring to details of a serious alleged sexual assault on a 19-year-old in early 2018, publishedContinue Reading Convicted child sex offender Peter Ellis has been granted leave to take his nearly 30-year fight to clear his name to the Supreme Court. Ellis, 61, served seven years of a 10 year jail sentence for abusing seven children at the Christchurch Civic Childcare Centre in 1991. He hadContinue Reading

Male Survivor Aotearoa Round Two – Working with Men, by Toah Nest Societal beliefs about males being self-reliant and dominant, relatively immune to expressions of vulnerability or helplessness are commonly understood and believed. For many survivors seeking help is almost unimaginable, almost a worse outcome than nondisclosure (Barnett et al,Continue Reading

ANALYSIS: The announcement that $131 million will be spent on helping sexual violence survivors has stunned the sector, but some are happier than others and the difference – good and not so good – is in the fine print.The pre-Budget package announced by PM Jacinda Ardern and Parliamentary Under-Secretary for DomesticContinue Reading