Mediaite: Weeping Neo-Nazi Chris Cantwell Reportedly Started Out as a ‘Men’s Rights Activist’ Inflated notions of white victimhood and male victimhood have always gone hand-in-hand. When you’re used to having everything, the idea of no longer having exclusive privileges can feel like oppression. Christopher Cantwell, who featured heavilyContinue Reading Distance therapy is on the rise, with one study suggesting that 20pc of psychotherapists now offer some form of online, email or telephone service. The new generation are especially receptive. Millennials, or digital natives as they are known, are generally the biggest users, while the therapists offering the serviceContinue Reading The New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) Support Work will prepare you to work within the mental health, addictions and disability sectors. This qualification will give you the skills and knowledge required to provide a person-centred approach that maximises independence. You will be capable of workingContinue Reading Former Australian Federal Police psychologists are calling on the agency to reinstate a peer support program they say was crucial to internal mental health support. The push is supported by mental health experts and the federal police union. Lacey Clews and Heidi Horvath were psychologists with the AFP forContinue Reading