Grief is a complicated and personal thing that everyone experiences differently. That’s why, if someone else is the one grieving, it can be hard to know what to say to them. During such a painful and sensitive time, no one wants to say the wrong thing and make matters worse,Continue Reading

The bill as introduced would make the prerecording of cross-examination a matter of entitlement, rather than at the discretion of a judge taking into account the particular circumstances of the case and the witness in question. The reason that prerecording of cross-examination should remain rare and exceptional is its significantContinue Reading

This bill amends the Evidence Act 2006, Victims’ Rights Act 2002, and Criminal Procedure Act 2011 to reduce the retraumatisation victims of sexual violence may experience when they attend court and give evidence. Sexual Violence Legislation Bill – New Zealand Parliament ( Alternative ways of giving evidence in sexual violenceContinue Reading

Teenager Sleeping While Studying

“Getting enough sleep is important for all of us ¬¬- it helps our physical and mental health, boosts our immunity, and ensures we can function well on a daily basis,” Dr Agostini¬ says. “But for teenagers, sleep is especially critical because they’re at an age where they’re going through aContinue Reading

Abdominal Exercise

So what’s the alternative? Living the best life we can, with whatever emotional experience we’re having. “For a lot of people, a much better road is to relate to the emotions rather than trying to control them,” said Minden. “It’s really important to learn to accept our authentic emotions, our inner experience, and relateContinue Reading

Prozac Pills

Group membership was 82.5% female, as were 80% of the Administrators and Moderators, all of whom are lay volunteers. The role of Facebook groups in the management and raising of awareness of antidepressant withdrawal: is social media filling the void left by health services? – Edward White, John Read, SherryContinue Reading