Lifeline (open 24/7) – 0800 543 354 Depression Helpline (open 24/7) – 0800 111 757 Healthline (open 24/7) – 0800 611 116 Samaritans (open 24/7) – 0800 726 666 Suicide Crisis Helpline (open 24/7) – 0508 828 865 (0508 TAUTOKO). This is a service for people who may be thinkingContinue Reading

Emotional loneliness is a bigger risk factor than depression, heart disease, diabetes & stroke for cognitive decline according to research by Dr Catherine Whitehouse. She says society needs to talk openly about the value of emotional connection #MasseyGrad — Massey University (@MasseyUni) December 10, 2019 So is there a way to harness stress to your advantage while being mindful of its detrimental long-term effects? One key factor is to avoid, where possible, the tipping point when stress leads to burnout. Burnout, with its physical and mental harms, is especially likely when stress is chronic.Continue Reading

One of the best ways to treat anxiety? A full night’s rest, new research suggests. — Big Think (@bigthink) December 4, 2019 Interestingly, variations in the anxiety levels of the well-rested group appeared to correlate with the amount of slow-wave sleep that the participants experienced the night before.Continue Reading For one, you can learn to trust in your ability to cope with negative events, if and when they happen. The good news is that research shows that most of the things we worry about will never come to pass. But if something bad does happen, remember that you’llContinue Reading