A man described as “the most prolific rapist in British legal history” has been sentenced to life in prison with a possible release after 30 years following his conviction for sexual offences against 48 men. Authorities said the evidence against 36-year-old Reynhard Sinaga indicates he had many more victims,Continue Reading Most likely, our cultural ignorance regarding male sexual abuse stems from the fact that American males (and males in most other cultures) are expected to be invulnerable and to not feel emotional pain. In other words, guys are supposed to be macho and in control and to fend forContinue Reading

'People don’t think this sort of thing happens to men:' Male rape survivor speaks out over … via @evening_tele — MaleSurvivor (@MaleSurvivorORG) November 16, 2019 “I was using medication and convincing myself I was taking control but I wasn’t. “It is so important that you don’t suffer in silenceContinue Reading