Let us know what you're doing in your community as you follow the @minhealthnz advice to exercise social distancing and as people are isolating themselves after travelling. https://t.co/NZst0ntMwj — NZ Human Rights Commission (@NZHumanRights) March 18, 2020 Coronavirus prompts random acts of kindness from Kiwis https://t.co/PMV1Mzoylf — Better Blokes (@BetterBlokesNZ)Continue Reading

IronMāori provides physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing for Waiora Rogers and her whānau. “It’s as simple as getting fit. Having a healthy body and with that comes a sense of wellbeing.” Read how this 73-year-old is inspiring her whānau and community. https://t.co/BRDabUjqMO pic.twitter.com/IChzFRV21J — ACC New Zealand (@ACCNZ) February 9,Continue Reading

https://www.mdmag.com/medical-news/diabetes-obesity-increases-risk-offspring-psychiatric-disorders Severely obese mothers with diabetes had an increased overall risk for their offspring to have psychiatric disorders, according to new research. If a mother had severe obesity and insulin-treated pregestational diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or gestational diabetes, their offspring was at an estimated 128%, 54%, or 18% increased riskContinue Reading

Based on the review of the literature, three common components of social connectedness can be identified as socialising, Social support, and Sense of belonging. In its most narrow form, social connectedness refers to the social ties between people. Importantly, consideration must be given as to whether this is simply aContinue Reading

To get a good reading on a country’s economic health, start by looking at the health of its citizens. If they are happy and prosperous, they will be healthy and live longer. Among developed countries, America sits at the bottom in this regard. Professor Joseph Stiglitz