Researchers also found while females were far more likely to have been abused by men, the majority of male victims reported they were abused by female perpetrators. “The form of nonconsensual sex that men are much more likely to experience than women, namely, being ‘made to penetrate’ someone else,Continue Reading A court report stated Chamier was “ignorant” and she didn’t understand the effect of her offending or why the law prohibited children under 16 from having sex with adults. Judge Gerard Lynch said the law was there to protect children from themselves as they weren’t experienced enough to makeContinue Reading Judge Gary Woodhall said on sentencing her he was “perfectly satisfied” she was intending to engage in sexual activity with the victim. The judge said within weeks of meeting him Beattie-Milligan, who had worked in education for 25 years, had breached school policy by getting his mobile phone number.Continue Reading A female horse trainer accused of grooming and sexually violating young girls with her boyfriend and recording it faces nine new charges. Laken Maree Rose, 29, has already denied sexual crimes she faced with co-defendant Andrew Alan Williams, 52, which include allegations of sexual offending against two girls agedContinue Reading Highlights • Federal agency data find that female sexual perpetration is not uncommon. • Gender stereotypes interfere with complex understandings of sexual perpetration. • Broadened feminist approaches can shed light on female sexual perpetration. • Studies among college students and inmates provide context for at-risk groups. • Professionals respondingContinue Reading