Many #OECD countries could learn from exerience of Denmark & Finland where only 4% of #children are assessed to live in relative poverty. Figures for USA are 21%, New Zealand 14%, UK & Australia13%, Canada 12%. Time for reflection in anglophone democracies? @OECD_Social — Helen Clark (@HelenClarkNZ) October 17,Continue Reading Hundreds of thousands of women across Switzerland have taken to the streets to demand higher pay, greater equality and more respect, protesting that one of the world’s wealthiest countries continues to treat half its population unfairly. Nearly 30 years after the first nationwide equal rights demonstration by Swiss women,Continue Reading The 68-year-old former “Saturday Night Live” cast member told Mayer that he regrets having made some women uncomfortable, but pushed back on how his actions were characterized by his eight accusers. “The idea that anybody who accuses someone of something is always right ― that’s not the case,” FrankenContinue Reading

Entrepreneur: How to Find an Introvert-Friendly Work Culture. 2. Search for a forward-thinking leader. Does the organization you’re interested in have a leader who plans for the days and weeks ahead, or one who flies by the seat of his or her pants? When it comes to working with higher-ups, introverts respondContinue Reading