Signs of grooming and child sexual exploitation going missing for periods of time or regularly returning home late skipping school or being disruptive in class appearing with unexplained gifts or possessions that can’t be accounted for experiencing health problems that may indicate a sexually transmitted infection having mood swings and changesContinue Reading

Signs of a One Sided Relationship You’re frequently apologizing for things. It feels effortful to engage your partner in a conversation (especially tough ones). You hide things about your relationship with others—or you divulge too much about your relationship with others, instead of discussing issues with your partner directly. You make excusesContinue Reading

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survivors able to find strong corroboration of their recovered memories Participants reporting any type of childhood abuse demonstrated elevated levels of dissociative symptoms that were significantly higher than those in subjects not reporting abuse. Higher dissociative symptoms were correlated with early age at onset of physical and sexual abuse andContinue Reading

Fear and trauma after sexual violence

Findings from the four systematic reviews and three meta-analyses identified in this report showed that:  Victims of childhood sexual abuse are more likely to develop depressive disorders than are non-victims.  There is fair quality evidence that childhood sexual abuse is a likely risk factor for the development ofContinue Reading

The impact of unresolved trauma has a ripple effect on whanau, friends and community. Complex trauma versus single incidents Complex trauma is usually prolonged trauma that occurs between people, often beginning in childhood or adolescence. Since the events often happen in secrecy, the victim may suffer in fear and silence. Single traumatic incidents usually have a clearContinue Reading