Clinical psychologists Michael Bourke, PhD, and Andres Hernandez, PsyD, have been making waves in the psychology and law enforcement communities with the recent release of a paper suggesting that men charged with Internet child pornography offenses and those who commit hands-on child sex offenses are, in many cases, oneContinue Reading

The Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, has told a royal commission the response by Catholic Church leaders to allegations of child sexual abuse amounted to “criminal negligence”. Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher appeared in front of the royal commission for the first time. Five of Australia’s most senior Catholic figuresContinue Reading Funding criteria The Foundation supports charitable organisations whose work fulfils one or more of the following purposes: To assist in the promotion of financial literacy To provide opportunities for all New Zealanders to achieve economic and social independence To provide access to learning opportunities that prepare people for meaningfulContinue Reading The Trusts Community Foundation Limited (TTCF) is a national not-for-profit company primarily established to distribute funds generated from Class 4 gaming machines operated in some Licensing Trusts outlets, privately owned Hotels and a Bowling Club throughout New Zealand. See a list of our gaming venues. TTCF is potentially lookingContinue Reading

Foundation North has offered Better Blokes support for a number of years and we are very appreciative of their help. Foundation North holds in trust for the Auckland and Northland communities an endowment, or putea, of over a billion dollars. This comes from the sale of the community’s shares inContinue Reading

1 in 4 Kiwi kids live in hardship. This National Children’s Day #SupportAKiwiKid for 50c a day #TreasureOurChildren — KidsCanNZ (@KidsCanNZ) February 27, 2017 What your support means for a child in need: Equality means having the same status, rights and opportunities as everyone else. Sadly in New ZealandContinue Reading At his home, police found images of a young boy being sexually abused by an adult male. Both of their faces had been cropped out but the boy had a distinctive henna tattoo on his chest and a mole on his tummy. It wasn’t until the Argos team obtainedContinue Reading