Most likely, our cultural ignorance regarding male sexual abuse stems from the fact that American males (and males in most other cultures) are expected to be invulnerable and to not feel emotional pain. In other words, guys are supposed to be macho and in control and to fend forContinue Reading The distraught mothers of three young children raped by their aunt have recounted how their families’ lives were shattered by the horrific sexual abuse. The young boys, aged between nine and 14, were abused by their 45-year-old relative over a period of three years in a small town inContinue Reading

Marica’s experience along with her voice to share her story inspired her and created a platform for her to reach, motivate & advocate for others. This platform has a name, called ‘Battered Not Broken, Inc.; it is 501(c)(3) organization providing education, crisis support, empowerment, and resources for individuals currently inContinue Reading The explanations provoked derision and ridicule in newspapers and social media. Prince Andrew’s withdrawal from public life over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal means that all 200 of his charities will need to seek new patrons. The Queen ordered the Duke of York to step down in an attempt toContinue Reading Parkinson took his case to the Court of Appeal, which issued its decision on Monday. Although Parkinson did not deny his offending, he wanted his sentence reduced. His lawyer said the sentencing judge started too high compared with similar cases and over-egged the offending, and also failed to makeContinue Reading