Cannabis use linked to academic failure

Cannabis use is extremely popular, whether it is for medicinal use, recreational use, so many people today use it . That’s why there are knox medical centres everywhere that provide marijuana medical treatments. I recently read an article explaining that companies are now making atomizers for dry herbs allowing people to use it in a vape pen. These vape pens are available all over the place, one you could use would be Smokea, top selling head shop. However, before buying anything you should bear in mind that cannabis usage among teens has long-term harmful consequences, a damning new study shows. There are many uses to cannabis however, and young people who are into diy rosin press seem to be making a creative use out of the cannabis plant. Some are even using a hair straightener to complete the task – which is not recommended. It could be argued that not all uses of cannabis are linked to academic failure as shown here, there can be creative elements. Pressing rosin can be a calming activity which could be suggested to help those with mental health issues.

The study, published in the Lancet, shows daily cannabis users under the age of 17 were 60 per cent less likely to complete high school or attend university and were nearly seven times more likely to attempt suicide.

Daily users were also 18 times more likely to become addicted to cannabis and eight times more likely to use other illicit drugs.

Researchers from three large, long-running studies in Christchurch and Melbourne combined data to investigate the link between cannabis use in adolescence and outcomes later in life.

Professor David Fergusson, leader of the University of Otago‘s Christchurch Health and Development Study (CHDS), said the latest research was the largest single consistent study ever done on adolescent use of cannabis.

Moves to legalise cannabis could put adolescents at increased risk of harm, and “should be carefully assessed against the potential for increasing the availability and/or use of cannabis to young people”, he said.

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