Brain Trauma Gave Them Intense Sexual Desires

“They showed me on the picture, the white spots on the brain stem. [The doctor] said, ‘That’s all blood,’” Andy told “20/20.” “And he said, ‘It’s not good, and she’s probably not going to survive.’”

Andy said that in a way he did lose his wife that day. “The wife that I married died on May the 21st,” he said.

Heather emerged from the coma with a voracious interest in having sex right there in the hospital’s shower room, while she was still hospitalized. After she was released, Heather’s desire for sex only intensified.

“It was emotionally hard. It was physically hard. It was hard,” Andy said. “I [got sick of sex].

Heather began propositioning — and sometimes groping — men left and right. Andy even witnessed a construction worker, whom Heather picked up, kiss her on the mouth across the street from their home.

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