Body Focussed Repetitive Behaviour @AnxietyUnited

1) What is does BFRB stand for?

BFRB stands for Body Focussed Repetitive Behaviour. It is an umbrella category describing compulsive behaviours which cause damage or injury to one’s body.

2) What are the main BFRB disorders?

Trichotillomania – compulsive hair pulling
Excoriation Disorder (may also be referred to under its previous clinical name – Dermatillomania and sometimes, more informally, as Compulsive Skin Picking – CSP for short)
Dermatophagia – Compulsive Skin Biting – typically around the nail cuticles although may occur elsewhere.
Onychophagia – Compulsive Nail Biting

3) What causes BFRB?

There are various theories but as yet no proven cause/s. Theories include: Boredom
Alleviation of anxiety
A way of numbing unpleasant emotions
A way of dealing with challenging sensory input – i.e. loud noises, crowds, bright lights (I believe this one is particular to the autism spectrum).

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