Been to a Zika country? Don’t have sex have six months

A Kiwi man became ill after visiting a Zika-infected country and has tested positive for the virus. His female partner, who didn’t visit the country, also tested positive.

Siouxsie Wiles from Auckland University’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences said there were two possible explanations.

“One is that the virus was passed via sexual transmission. The other is that the person was bitten by an infected mosquito that entered the country in her partner’s luggage,” she said in a statement.

“The infected mosquito coming in the luggage is improbable; I think it is less likely than the possibility of sexual transmission.” This means that it could be very possible to transmit the virus via sexual acts, if you have visited a country where Zika is still present, make sure to not engage with a sexual partner at all for as long as possible. It could be a better idea to visit somewhere such as or elsewhere in the event you become sexually aroused and wish to find some pleasure. The risk of spreading the virus is not worth sexual intimacy.

Sexual transmission of Zika has yet to be definitively proven, and documented cases are rare. Only male to female transmission has been seen.

Still, the advice from authorities and experts was clear – if you’re a man who might be infected, sex is not worth the risk.

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